Why is W88 blocked and how to fix it?


Why is W88 blocked and how to fix it?

Many brothers when they first played at W88 and accessed the dealer link encountered a blocked problem. This makes them unable to use the betting service that the W88 bookmaker provides. So why is W88 blocked from linking? What solution can help you solve this problem, do you know? In this article, we will find out the cause and come up with an effective solution for you.

Some details about the W88 house

Before you guys want to know why W88 is blocked when players access it. We want you to know some information related to the W88 dealer in advance. Currently, W88 is a leading and prestigious bookie brand in Asia.

w88 links

W88 reputable online betting playground

The house was founded quite early and has its headquarters located in the Philippines. At the same time, this is the country that licenses W88’s betting activities to be legal. That’s why you are completely assured when choosing W88 as your online betting playground.
Not to mention in recent years, W88 has continuously been in the top of the most prestigious bookmakers. The playground owns more than 10 million members participating in betting and receiving many positive feedbacks. Thanks to these successes, W88 is increasingly asserting its position in the market. So why is W88 blocked link?

Why is W88 blocked for links?

Here are the reasons that we have found about why W88 is blocked links, which are:

W88 maintenance

As you all know, when w88 is maintained, the dealer’s website is temporarily inaccessible. So if you have access to the house at this time, you cannot register or log in to W88. This means that you cannot use the house’s online betting service.

w88 blocked

W88 maintenance – Why W88 is blocked from linking

This is the first reason why W88 is blocked from links that you cannot access. Because when the house maintains, the operation on the website will be suspended for a while. When W88 is successfully maintained, you will be able to continue to access the house to participate in betting.

Many members access the W88 site

W88 is a bookmaker brand with an extremely large number of members participating in betting. Therefore, when the number of members accessing the house is too large, it will cause network congestion to occur. At this time, players when entering W88 after most of them will not be able to access the dealer link.
Another reason why W88 is blocked links that you can’t access. Usually this problem often occurs in the evening time of many members playing at W88. However, W88’s technical team will quickly fix it in time for players. So please F5 back to the W88 website to see that access to W88 has taken place normally.

Vietnamese network system blocks W88 link

Our country is still a country where online betting is not allowed to be recognized as completely legal. So the state still prohibits players from participating or organizing betting in any form?

why w88 is blocked

Vietnamese network system blocks W88 link

Therefore, websites providing online betting game services in our country will find it difficult to operate in Vietnam, including W88. Because most telecommunications carriers block the house’s link. This is the reason why W88 is blocked from the link that only Vietnamese players can’t access. While brothers from other countries still bet at W88 normally.

Solution to fix the problem of blocked W88 link?

So after knowing why W88 is blocked and you want to fix this problem. Please choose the following solutions:

Change DNS address

Because carriers have used DNS addresses to block Vietnamese user links when accessing W88 house links. So to fix the problem why W88 is blocked, please change the DNS address for your device as follows:

w88 dns

Change DNS address

  • Go to Control Panel and select Network and Internet.
  • You select Ethernet and then select Properties.
  • You select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then click Select Properties.
  • You click on the Use the following DNS server addresses section and then enter the DNS address that you want to change.
  • You should change the new DNS address to

After successfully changing the DNS address, click OK to save the settings. After that, you will proceed to visit W88’s website to check. Surely now, you can completely go to the W88 link to participate in betting at the house.

Change IP address
Compared to changing DNS address, changing IP address is somewhat simpler and easier. Thereby, when encountering a problem why W88 is blocked from linking, please choose how to change the IP address as follows:

  • You go to Google’s website and type the keyword to download fake IP software for free.
  • The new interface will display fake IP software completely free for you to download.
  • You choose a suitable fake IP software to download for your Pc computer device.

When the browser is accessed at the W88 dealer link address, the IP will be changed. Usually, the IP address is changed to the IP of a country other than Vietnam. Only then can you access the normal W88 house link to participate in betting.

Use W88’s backup new link

Because the official W88 link is currently blocked in Vietnam quite a lot. So the house must constantly update the backup and latest W88 links for players. For the purpose of letting you go to the house link, you don’t have a problem why W88 is blocked anymore.

w88 is

Use W88’s backup new link

However, the current market also has many links impersonating W88’s brand to cheat players. So basically, you should also consider choosing the right reputable link of W88. Otherwise you will face a high risk of being cheated when betting at W88 impersonating.

Use W88’s betting app on mobile
The last way to help you fix the problem of why W88 is blocked from linking is: Using the W88 app. This is the betting application at the W88 house on your mobile phone.


Use W88‘s betting app on mobile
The application gives players a betting experience that is both convenient and great. Thereby, you can completely participate in betting at W88 whenever you want. Players don’t even have the problem of being blocked from linking to w88.
To download the house application, please use your phone to go to the W88 link. After that, you choose to download and then choose the W88 lite application version and then download it to your phone and install it. Now you can join in playing at W88 right on the mobile device you are using.
So when you finish researching our article, do you know why W88 is blocked? How do you fix the problem of blocked links to access W88? Hopefully through the article, you have learned 1 trick to play betting at W88 stable and best.


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