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The Bold BK8 Ambassadors: An Overview

BK8 is known for partnering with some of the biggest names in global sports. In this post, we will explore the illustrious athletes who represent the brand as its bold ambassadors to Vietnamese fans. From football legends to boxing icons, these champion sportspeople help extend BK8’s reach worldwide while promoting its commitment to excellence.

Through strategic collaborations with prominent figures, BK8 aims to associate itself with qualities like leadership, perseverance and bringing joy to audiences in Vietnam. Signing elite performers from various fields also demonstrates the company’s versatile approach towards community engagement and growth within the Vietnamese market.

In the following sections, we will introduce BK8 all ambassadors one by one. We’ll look at their incredible careers and what drew them to partner with BK8 to attract Vietnamese fans.

The Bold BK8 All Ambassadors: Champions Representing Excellence

An Overview of BK8’s Bold Brand Ambassadors

BK8 Casino has partnered with some of the greatest names in world sports to represent their brand as prestigious BK8 all ambassadors. These partnerships help extend the reach of BK8 globally while promoting values of perseverance and excellence. Some of the iconic athletes who have joined hands with BK8 include football legend John Terry, Manchester United star Robin van Persie, and boxing icon Manny Pacquiao.

By bringing together illustrious sports figures from varied fields, BK8 aims to associate itself with qualities like inspiration, talent and fair play. John Terry had an outstanding career with Chelsea, winning various trophies through skill and leadership on the field. Robin van Persie is renowned for his clinical finishing and goalscoring exploits with Arsenal and Manchester United. 

Meanwhile, Manny Pacquiao’s legendary status in boxing and philanthropic efforts in his home country of the Philippines make him an ideal representative.

All these champion performers demonstrate the work ethic and fervour that BK8 strives to cultivate among sports enthusiasts worldwide. Their achievements also highlight the brand’s drive to empower communities through accessible opportunities in sports.

Top Brand Ambassadors Who have Cooperated with BK8

This section will take a closer look at some of BK8’s top brand ambassadors who have helped spread brand awareness through impressive partnerships. These iconic athletes have supported BK8’s mission through endorsements and community initiatives.

John Terry

Time of Cooperation

BK8 announced their partnership with John Terry in 2019, appointing him as their first official brand ambassador. Terry has represented the brand globally through their marketing campaigns across Asia over the past years.

The Bold BK8 All Ambassadors: Champions Representing Excellence

Activities During Cooperation

Some of the key activities John Terry took part in during his cooperation with BK8 include:

  • Appearing in BK8’s campaigns and advertisements across multiple nations in Asia such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.
  • Featured on BK8’s social media platforms to help raise brand awareness and following, especially among football fans.
  • Participated in offline events organized by BK8 including press conferences, matches and fan interactions to promote the brand.
  • Visited various markets like Thailand and Indonesia on behalf of BK8 to extend their community outreach.
  • His iconic image rights were utilized by BK8 to create branded content wearing the brand’s logo and colours.
  • Guided BK8 on marketing strategies and gave recommendations to engage European football audiences in Asia.

As one of BK8’s first bold BK8 ambassadors, John Terry has played a major role in the company’s efforts to establish itself as a leading sports betting platform in the region. His stature as Chelsea’s former captain and one of the best defenders in Premier League history attracts many fans. Through his partnership, BK8 has been able to leverage his fame and experience to deepen connections with Asian football followers.

Terry’s career achievements like multiple league titles with Chelsea, a Champions League trophy and being integral to England’s national team success continue to inspire sports lovers globally. His dedication, leadership and winning mentality reflect the ambition BK8 wants to showcase. The brand strives to cultivate these important qualities in both professional and casual players through varied initiatives.

By associating with Terry’s charisma and sporting excellence, BK8 aims to empower communities and celebrate the joy sports can bring. It demonstrates their dedication to growing the firm responsibly through iconic alliances while also fostering grassroots programs. Terry’s guidance has undoubtedly aided their journey to become Asia’s top destination for online betting and games.

Robin van Persie

Time of Cooperation

BK8 announced Robin van Persie as their official brand ambassador for Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam in 2019 through a contract signed with Mediapro Asia. This prestigious partnership was forged to last for multiple years.

Activities During Cooperation

The Bold BK8 All Ambassadors: Champions Representing Excellence

Some of the key initiatives Robin van Persie took part in include:

  • Serving as the face of BK8’s campaigns across his designated Southeast Asian markets through images and videos.
  • Participated in meet-and-greet events with fans, bringing excitement as one of soccer’s most prolific scorers.
  • His image and branding helped BK8 create co-promotions through various online and offline activations.
  • Conducted visits to countries like Thailand and Indonesia representing BK8 with Seminars, autograph sessions and football activities.
  • Provided expert analytical insights as part of BK8’s sports content offerings around major tournaments.

One of BK8’s first bold BK8 ambassadors, van Persie aka “Robinson” has played a crucial role in the firm’s regional growth by promoting them intimately across nations. His status as a Premier League and Champions League winner with Manchester United commands respect from legions of followers.

Through his illustrious playing days with Arsenal and United, van Persie built a reputation for composure and predatory goalscoring abilities. These traits align well with BK8’s emphasis on fair play and rewarding experiences. His down-to-earth personality also allows him to comfortably interact with communities, conveying BK8’s customer-centric nature.

By collaborating with van Persie, an all-time Eredivisie top scorer, BK8 seeks to associate with a champion of perseverance. It demonstrates their focus on grassroots development through such accomplished partnerships. His continued involvement has undoubtedly expanded BK8’s Asian fanbase and recognition multi-fold.

Kelly Smith

Time of Cooperation

In 2021, BK8 announced England’s record scorer Kelly Smith as their first female brand ambassador, kicking off a partnership focused on empowering women’s football.

Activities During Cooperation

Some key initiatives Kelly Smith has been involved in include:

  • Serving as the face of BK8’s campaigns to promote their growing support for the women’s game.
  • Participated in seminars conducted by BK8 to inspire more girls and women to take up the sport.
  • Represented BK8 at various events organized to raise awareness of women’s mental health issues.
  • Spoke at press conferences with BK8 emphasizing their donation drive for her charity ‘We Mind Kelly Matters’.
  • Provided her expertise to BK8 for strategies around coaching clinics and grassroots programs.

As one of BK8’s pioneering bold BK8 all ambassadors, Kelly Smith has played a formative role in their shifting focus. Her status as England Women’s all-time top scorer and 2012 Olympic bronze medalist gives her advocacy much traction.

Through her illustrious professional career primarily with Arsenal Ladies and England, Kelly Smith proved the impact talented women can make. She symbolizes the spirit, flair and determination BK8 wishes to instil through fair support systems.

BK8’s substantial funding for her organization also demonstrates the brand is walking its talk on empowering communities, especially those facing difficulties. It aligns with their ethics of empowering through accessible opportunities and platforms.

Kelly Smith continues to be a powerful voice for BK8, sensitizing many to challenges in the women’s game while offering hope and inspiration as a role model of perseverance against adversity. Her guidance has undoubtedly enhanced their efforts to enrich all levels of various sports.

Manny Pacquiao

Time of Cooperation

BK8 announced eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao as their brand ambassador for the Philippines in 2020. This collaboration marked an important milestone for BK8’s growing presence in the region.

Activities During Cooperation

Some of the key engagements BK8 and Manny Pacquiao include:

  • Serving as the face of all BK8 marketing campaigns across digital and traditional media in the Philippines.
  • Conducted seminars educating the masses about BK8’s safe, transparent operations and advocating for community service.
  • Participated in BK8-organized events like meet-and-greets, exhibitions and skills workshops winning over new fans.
  • Guided to improve BK8’s cultural understanding, customer-centric approach and grassroots initiatives in the nation through his expertise and statutes.
  • Represented BK8 at government functions and roundtable discussions as a celebrated national icon of perseverance and pride.

As one of BK8’s pioneering bold BK8 ambassadors, Manny Pacquiao has played a pivotal role in promoting responsible gaming and empowering Filipino youth. His record-setting boxing feats and humble personality serve as a huge inspiration.

Through his trailblazing ascension from poverty to becoming a World Champion in eight weight divisions, Manny Pacquiao came to symbolize the Philippine spirit of never giving up. These are values BK8 strongly advocates through their diverse programs and associations.

BK8 hopes to cultivate the same winning attitude and determination in communities via fairs, exhibitions and platforms championed by Manny Pacquiao. His guidance has been instrumental in sensitizing more stakeholders to BK8’s mission.

The Exciting Partnerships Between BK8 and its “Bold BK8 Ambassadors”

BK8’s associations with celebrated athletes from various fields have been profoundly amazing and fruitful. By teaming up with world-class performers as official representatives, BK8 aims to relay inspirational messages of integrity, and perseverance and bring joy through sports and entertainment. Each one of BK8’s distinguished bold BK8 all ambassadors lends a unique perspective to further these important beliefs.

The partnerships allow BK8 to deepen human connections across communities by utilizing the iconic status and enriching histories of sports legends. Stars like John Terry and Kelly Smith have thrilled fans with remarkable feats over the years, achieving the highest excellence in their craft. By collaborating with such trailblazers, BK8 hopes to motivate more in their chosen paths through accessibility and platform.

The ambassadors too find value in representing a rapidly growing brand that empowers development at the grassroots level. Icons like Manny Pacquiao additionally aid BK8’s constant endeavours to give back through charitable works. Overall, the mutually beneficial alliances play a key role in BK8’s mission of enhancing lives worldwide through the joy, learning and togetherness that sports can spark.


In this post, we have explored the prestigious partnerships between BK8 and their impressive roster of star athletes representing the brand as “Bold BK8 Ambassadors”. By collaborating with iconic figures across various sports over the past years, BK8 has been able to authentically relay its mission of empowering communities in Vietnam and beyond through entertainment, excellence and fair systems.

We hope this overview provided valuable insights into the trailblazing names like Manny Pacquiao, John Terry and Kelly Smith who have supported BK8’s development while inspiring millions worldwide, including our Vietnamese fans, with their incredible achievements and hard work.

BK8 looks ahead to continue their growth responsibly through such partnerships centred around positively impacting society via grassroots sports programs.