Promotion for referring friends and notes when participating


One of the faces “causing chaos” in the betting market today is Hi88. The playground is not only famous for its game quality but also has surprising rewards. One of them must include rewards referring to friends. The more referrals, the bigger the reward. Please join us in updating the details of this program right below!

What is a refer-a-friend event?

Refer friends is a program launched by the betting playground to find more members for the house. Participating players will act as an intermediary to introduce the house to friends and many other players. The role of referrers is similar to agents, the more people they refer, the higher the commission they receive. 

What is a refer-a-friend event?

When participating Introduce friends You will be provided with a referral code. When sharing to invite participation, you will send this code to new people. If a new player registers an account with this code, you will receive a bonus from the house. 

For each new player who officially becomes a member of the betting playground, the referrer will immediately receive 100k. Participating as a connection not only receives attractive promotions but also provides the opportunity to significantly increase income. If you want to go deeper and consider this as a job, you can become an agent of Hi88. Surely you will have the opportunity to make huge money every day, every month. 


Deploy the content of the member introduction program

Refer friends is among the incentive programs offered by khuyến mãi Hi88. The specific content of this promotion program is as follows:

Deploy the content of the member introduction program

When introducing, invite friends around to register as members of the yard play If you make a valid bet the first time you bet, you will receive a free bet worth 100,000 VND added to your account. 

During the next referral, when the house has a new member, the referrer will receive one more free bonus bet worth 88,000 VND. This is a way to make money on a large scale, organized by the house to help attract new players. At the same time, create conditions for members to receive rewards easily. 

How to join

To participate in the offer Introduce friends You must have a total deposit of 3 million and a valid betting turnover of 9 million VND. Then, contact the consulting team at Hi88 to open the player introduction process. Next, you will proceed with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Log in to the website of the betting playground ⇒ Select “Account”.
  • Step 2: Select “Marketing promotion”.
  • Step 3: Select “Copy referral code” / Select “Affiliate link” or select “QR code”. 
  • Step 4: Send this code to the person you refer so they can register an account through this referral code. 
  • Step 5: After the new player accesses the Website, registers a member account through this link code, the house will confirm and pay the prize to the player’s bank account. 

Conditions to receive rewards from the event

Event Introduce friends Organized by the house on a large scale, unlimited bonuses. When your referral is successful, you will receive an attractive bonus. However, there are a number of regulations as well as certain rules and conditions for receiving rewards. Bettors should quickly take the opportunity to receive extremely hot bonuses from the house. To receive the referral bonus, you must ensure that you meet the following conditions:

  • The referred person must use the exact referral code provided by the bettor. Thus, you have been confirmed to have a valid link. 
  • New registered accounts must provide accurate and truthful information. If it is discovered that the data has been used before, the house will permanently lock the account. 
  • When the new player completes the first betting round, the new player’s bet is confirmed Introduce friends succeed and receive rewards. 
  • Newly introduced members must be completely new. Absolutely do not create your own account to earn bonuses. 

Note when participating in player introduction events

Before joining the program Introduce friends, players should carefully refer to the content as well as notes from the house. Only those who are confirmed to participate in valid referrals will receive the bonus payment. Some things bettors need to pay attention to are:

Note when participating in player introduction events
  • At 6:00 a.m. every day, the system will automatically transfer promotional money to the referral account. 
  • Promotional money from the introductory event cannot be used in Lottery and Minigame betting games at Hi88 playground
  • This promotional event is applied concurrently with other events. 
  • Besides receiving referral money, members also receive additional marketing incentives. 

Refer friends is a special promotion program that helps players have the opportunity to receive huge rewards when introducing more members to the house. This is a great opportunity for bettors that cannot be missed. Hurry and act quickly to get the gift in your pocket right away!