Sergio Ramos – The striker holds the record for scoring the most goals


Sergio Ramos – The striker holds the record for scoring the most goals

Sergio Ramos is not only known for his excellent defense but also his impressive scoring ability. Any match with his name in the main team makes the opposing players wary and hesitant. Xoilac TV is the leading live football channel, continuously providing standard news and copyrighted videos about matches featuring superstar striker Ramos.

General information about superstar Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos is known as a talented central defender, playing professionally on major arenas. Accurate information shows that he was born on March 30, 1986 in the beautiful city of Camas in the Spanish region. Famous as one of the top football players and recognized and appreciated worldwide as well as by Xoilac TV experts.

He currently plays for Paris Saint-Germain and the Spain national team. Ramos is famous for his flexible and diverse playing ability. He can play as a central defender, right wing back and even striker. With discipline and determination, he is an extremely annoying defender for opposing strikers, always ready to fight, aiming to win against all opponents.

Sergio Ramos’s seriousness and focus are also shown through his personal and team achievements. He especially achieved many important titles throughout his career including 4 UEFA Champions League championship records, 5 La Liga championships and 4 UEFA Super Cups with Real Madrid. In addition, he also won 1 World Cup championship and 2 Euro Cups with the Spanish national team.

Sergio Ramos - The striker holds the record for scoring the most goals

Sergio Ramos is known as the most talented midfielder in Spain

Sergio Ramos has an undying passion since childhood

Sergio Ramos is one of the key players of all the clubs he belongs to. With love since childhood, trained in a harsh environment, he has created a formidable striker that makes any opponent admire him. His smart playing style, flexible handling of situations as well as good support for his teammates have helped him achieve great success.

Sergio Ramos’ top talent is confirmed

In addition to his talent and achievements on the field, according to Xoilac TV’s research, Sergio Ramos is also known for his leadership personality and fighting spirit. He has always been an inspiration and example to his teammates and fans. His determination and commitment have created a great influence and loyalty from fans around the world, shown through the following remarkable achievements:

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos has an eternal passion for football since childhood

Outstanding achievements with the club

Throughout his football career, Sergio Ramos and his teammates have achieved many impressive achievements. Participating in national, regional and international playgrounds, wherever they are, they attract special attention and create a vibrant atmosphere in the stands. His achievements that Xoilac TV compiled:

Sublimated 4 times in the UEFA Champions League.

5 La Liga championships.

4 records holding the UEFA Super Cup crown

Touched the podium four times to receive the Spanish King’s Cup.

Made a strong impression with 3 Spanish Super Cup awards

Twice successful in the FIFA Club World Cup Super Cup in 2014 and 2017 season.

Sergio Ramos made his mark in individual titles

Besides the common achievements with the whole team, he also brought himself noble titles. That is the clearest proof of my enthusiasm, love and burning passion for the field:

The player who scored the most goals from the defender position in La Liga history.

The player who scored the most goals for Real Madrid in UEFA Champions League history.


Sergio Ramos’ top talent is confirmed every day


Sergio Ramos is a living legend of football, with his talent, achievements and personal and career contributions. He is a great player and is admired not only in Spanish football but around the world. Readers continue to visit on the leading live football channel Xoilac TV to accompany him in the near future.


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