Goal Kick Betting Guide on 188BET Bookie


Goal Kick Betting Guide on 188BET Bookie

During a football game, there may be numerous goal kicks. If you frequently follow any football leagues or merely watch a game and place a wager on 188BET online bookie, you should be familiar with the phrase.

Goal Kick: What is it?

When an attacking team crosses the goal line in a football game but the ball doesn’t result in a goal, the game is awarded a goal kick. If the attacking team is the last to touch the ball, regardless of where it is—on the ground, in the air, off the post, or close to the corner flag—a goal kick will be given.

Goal Kick Betting Guide on 188BET Bookie

A goal kick typically represents the goalkeeper of the defending team continuing his or her previous phase of play. Goal kicks are subject to specific requirements, such that the ball remains stationary and that the opposition remain beyond the penalty area during the kick.

How Can You Bet on Goal Kicks on 188BET?

The world of sports is full of fascinating statistics, metrics, and figures. It’s not surprising that there are many betting markets available in the world of sports betting where you can test your own research and hypotheses.

Goal kicks are typically thought of as being more difficult to forecast than goals scored, moneyline, and yellow cards. Test going through the goal kick market on 188BET bookie if you’re interested in trying your luck on a specific market, though, as you might find some unbelievable odds to test out.

There are primarily two methods for betting on goal kicks. Your chosen bookmaker, like 188BET, will first present a number of total goal kick ranges. For example, 0-5, 5-10, etc. To properly win a bet, the total amount of goal kicks taken throughout the game must fall inside the range you’ve selected.

For instance, if you bet on 0-5, and the match saw a total of four goals scored throughout, your wager would be considered a success. You should be aware that certain bookmakers let you wager on home, away, or combined goal kicks.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each of them, just like with any type of 188BET sports betting. The main drawback of betting in these markets is that they are frequently more difficult to predict with accuracy. The fact that they will probably attack more frequently, for example, doesn’t guarantee that they will have more goal kicks during the game, even if you’ve researched the team and their form.

188BET Goal Kick Betting Rules

You can go to the International Football Association and look in their goal kick rules section for the official rules of goal kicks in football. However, to save you time and prevent you from having to read the lengthy details, we’ve outlined the key guidelines in the following 8 basic points:

  • The goal box must be crossed by the ball.
  • The last person to touch the ball must be a member of the attacking team.
  • The kick must be made by a player inside the goal area.
  • Before the player kicks the ball, the opposition players must be outside the penalty area.
  • The goalkeeper is capable of making a scoring kick.
  • A goal kick cannot be used by the player to score their own goal.
  • A goal kick can be made by any player.
  • After kicking the ball, the kicker is not permitted to touch it again.

The distinction between a goal kick and a corner kick could be unclear to you if you’re new to football betting or just starting to watch the sport. There are three distinctions between a corner kick and a goal kick:

  • The spot where the kicker will stand
  • Which team kicks the ball?
  • The squad that last touched the ball before it left the field is the winner.


Above are the information you need to know about goal kicking betting on 188BET online bookie that players need to know before betting on this market and winning the best.


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