Premier League Could Complete The Season In China

Premier League Could Complete The Season In China


The Premier League have been exploring the concept of completing the 2019/20 season in China, according to The Athletic.

All 20 clubs are due to hold a videoconference call on Friday afternoon to discuss plans on how to salvage the current campaign.

Football has been suspended in England since early March 13 due to the coronavirus outbreak and clubs are becoming increasingly desperate to agree on an idea on how to complete the season.

One of the ideas being suggested is finishing the campaign abroad.

There have been suggestions about playing out the remaining matches in China, with the country considered to be over the peak of the virus and on the road to recovery. National lockdown restrictions in China are set to be lifted on April 8.

The basis around this idea would be to help ease the strain on the National Health Service, although it’s a concept that may not have a lot of backing.

A Premier League club’s chief executive told The Athletic: “The country that keeps getting proposed is China.

“It just doesn’t make any sense. It’s a crazy idea and I think it will get firmly rejected.”

The league stands to lose around £762m in broadcasting revenue if the season isn’t completed.